Sanacion: We Are The Aliens IT’s HERE!!!

image They left the Earth behind, they survived a civilian uprising and they traveled a black hole, and thought they finally had a chance for a fresh start. And then they saw the foot prints. Six separate feet, three toes, claws, maybe talons each.

Jake the Civilian Leader doesn’t view the alien threat lightly and has placed Colonel Steve Jensenn in charge of formulating a plan to capture the alien and then the scientists will take it from there. Steve doesn’t quite agree but captures the alien. Then he tries to talk the alien who doesn’t seem to understand him but when he draws out the Pythagorean Thoerem proofs the alien is engaged.

Later when scientist go too far and attempt to begin an autopsy on very much alive alien,  things go off the rails.

As Steve says at the very beginning, “We Are The Aliens!”  After all,  we are the ones leaving our footprints through the galaxy.


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