SANACION: The Black Hole Mission


Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission

Mankind has forever been forward looking…until now, that is. With earth on the brink of a cataclysmic event, mankind looks back with disgust, shame, and guilt for the many generations of mismanagement of the earth and its abundant resources.

Now, with oxygen levels dwindling to dangerously low levels, the people of the planet must cast aside their differences and resolve a problem that affects all mankind.

Banding together, the nations of the earth construct three ships that are capable of supporting human life, but only one can possibly answer the cries of the people – the Sanación. Mankind’s fate now rests in the hands of a few capable & brave crew members who will be put through near impossible tests to save our species from destruction.

Ultimately, Sanación: The Black Hole Mission pits the confines and actions of space itself against the valor, skills, and humanity of a chosen few.


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